Camp Braley

The best weekend camp in the Longhorn Council. 300 acres near Waco, Texas on Trading House Lake. Open year round to all Boy Scouts of America units.

The "Braley Beavers" have been working hard on making improvements to the camp.
Here are pictures of a few of the improvements. 

 Gravel and road Work                                        Gravel donated by David. Thanks to Markham for using his Roadmaster. Jared, Michael, Hank, Clint, Kelly, Kay, Jimmie D. Special thanks to the person who donated and spread 12 yards of road gravel on the DeSmitt Road.

Compass course: Thanks to Virgil and his son, Stanton.

Thanks to those who cut, hauled, cleared and burned brush and trimmed trees to make the camp sites and trails. Kelly and Tyler for Work on DeSmitt trail, Jonathan for bulldozer work, Troop 308 for campsite work.

 Repair and replacement of lights in Lodge: Clint, Joey, Al. New lights provided by the council.

Cedar posts donated by Donna and Steve; Barnpoles from David. Repair of overhead doors in the Lodge by Bump.

Overhead Projector for meeting/training room: Thanks to Mike and Baylor University.

Thanks to those who installed the new water lines. Miscellaneous building repair to the Lodge: patching roof, anchoring walls, repairing holes, changing locks, plumbing repairs, window washing, and much more: Clint, Donna, Kelly, Jill, Tyler

 Pads at the water hydrant. Installed by Troop 308. This was a muddy mess before the improvement. 
 We have a new main gate. Thanks for Virgil, Clint and Troop 308. 
 Longhorn Skull thanks to Steve and Jernigan Taxidermy sets the mood for the lodge.

Wall repair and painting in the main room of The Lodge by Clint, Donna, Kay, Melody, Hank.

Bulletin Board donated by Austin Avenue Methodist Church in Waco.
 Leaders' Coffee Center in the main office. Thanks to Hank and The ReStore for cabinet, Jason for sink and fixtures, Melody for painting. A cup of hot coffee goes a long way for a tired scoutmaster. 
 We are civilized now. We have curtains and coffee! 
 Wooden Indian donated by Donna. He watches over all at the camp. 
 Wire panels for temporary gates and enclosures donated by David. 
 Seven new fire rings. Fire ring and seats behind The Lodge: thanks to Pack 462. Thanks to Donna and Steve for the stone and to the group of older Scouts who volunteered to build them. 
 New sink and faucets in the men's toilet. Thanks to Bumpass. 
 Demolition, cleanup, wall repair and painting in office. Thanks to Clint, Melody, Donna, Kay, Hank.

Office counter donated by Clint.
Desk from Donna.
 Five new picnic tables. Thanks to Donna and Steve for the lumber and construction and to the Longhorn Council for the frames. 
 Braley Beavers:
Virgil Bain, Justin Blannik, H.P. Bloomer, Jonathan Breton, Robert Bumpass, Markham Dossett, Jimmie Dulock, Al Duquette, Wade Durbin, Clint Flatt, Jill Flatt, Tyler Flatt, Donna Kennedy, Kay King, Jerrel Lewis, David Mosley, Mike Nolan, MIchael Pilgrim, Steve Roberts, Melody Strot, Joe White-Swift, and Kelly Williams.
 Council Professionals

Thanks also to Longhorn Council Professionals Bryan Richards, Bryant Butler, and Dennis Elliot for their continuing interest, help and resources.

So many helped that we may have left someone off. If you contributed to the work of making camp Braley a functioning Scout camp, but are not on the list, please contact Melody or Hank through the scout office on Lake Air and we will delighted to add you.